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  • Emilio Vazquez Reyes

You have reached the voicemail of...

As I continue my journey into the endless phone calls to talent agents and creative managers, contacting others over the phone has gotten a lot easier as the calls went on. Practicing my presentation, tone of voice, and vocal projection has helped me gain more confidence when speaking to others. Although I have been sent to voicemails numerous times, my skill of leaving a concise and clear voicemail has improved.

However, what has not improved has been my time management skills. At the beginning of the year, I used to be very strict with deadlines and turn in my assignments on time. Recently, however, my schedule has been overflooded by college applications, creative portfolios, film commitments to several parties, and extracurricular activities. By failing to properly manage these responsibilities and balance my time, my performance in all of these activities outside of school will begin to fail.

As a result of this issue, my goal is to set a clear and strict schedule for myself in the coming week. Instead of balancing my time for this month alone, I plan to make my time management skills an aspect of myself that I continue to work on as time goes on.

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